Law, Order and Retreat

December 2, 2010


In Canada today there are two entirely different concepts of the criminal law and its function. These concepts reflect fundamentally divergent views of the nature and role of the state and of authority within society. The adherents of each of these concepts are incapable of comprehending the other: there is no space for meaningful debate […]

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Our Barcelona Chat with Danny Williams

November 25, 2010


Danny Williams’ announced retirement as Newfoundland Premier brought to mind my only encounter with him, which occurred in an unlikely setting. Carmela and I were waiting in Barcelona Airport on Canada Day 2009, waiting for our flight to Madrid while on holiday. The Premier of Newfoundland, flanked by an aide, came along and sat in […]

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Building Triumph over the Shame of Residential Schools

October 26, 2010


“As I sat in the Chief Joe Mathias Hall and listened to the riveting accounts of the legacy of this deliberate policy of brutalization, I thought of my own sheltered childhood in a White suburb of Toronto, and of the portion of my weekly Sunday School collection donations at Thistletown United Church that helped finance […]

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