Jim’s Tunes for Fiddle

all copyright Jim Quail

. . . . a sad little tune
. . . . NOT for fiddle – a little piece I wrote as a ringtone for my phone

. . . . this little tune flips between C Mixolydian and C major:

. . . .  here’s a pair of jigs in the key of F (and its relative minor) that I wrote one November evening:

. . . . a lullaby for my lovely little grand-daughter:

Little horse walking slow
Shining stars on your head
Sleepy girl on your back
Riding home to her bed

Silver moon on the wings
Of the owl in flight
Little mouse in her nest
Safe and dark in the night

Little Zoe rest your head
Snuggle deeper in your bed
In the morning you will rise
With the starlight in your eyes

Little Zoe rest your head
Snuggle deeper in your bed
Dreams are drifting from the sky
Little Zoe lullaby

. . . . and one for her (little) big brother:
Down in the meadow the bunnies are sleeping,
Night spreads its wings softly over the land.
Deep in the ocean belugas are waiting,
As darkness comes rolling across from the sand:
Lambs on the hillside are closing their eyes,
Singing good night to the moon in the sky;
Tired little puppies are resting their heads –
Henry, my baby, it’s time for your bed.

. . . . a tune inspired by the creek that ran through my grandparents’ farm:
. . . . what Harper and his band need:

. . . . naming a tune “planxty” is a sacrilege, but this is was inspired by the style of the blind Irish harper Carolan:

. . . . a tune about a lovely creek on Gambier Island, with a beautiful little waterfall in the woods:

. . . . Barney is a good friend of mine – black lab x border collie:
. . . . Here’s one of my favourites, written several years ago. Give the sustained Ds and middle C an Irish roll on the second beat:
. . . . Another tune I wrote several years ago:
. . . . going for baroque:

3 Responses “Jim’s Tunes for Fiddle” →

  1. Martina

    October 4, 2010

    Great stuff papa!

  2. Love the lyrics to Henry’s lullaby.


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